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Article: 3 great benefits of water consumption

3 grandes benefícios do consumo de água

3 great benefits of water consumption

We all know that our body's intake of water is essential for us to live. Even so, many people neglect the correct consumption of water daily and the body ends up obtaining the minimally necessary water through other liquids or even food.

An adult person loses an average of two to two and a half liters of water daily through natural processes, such as sweat, urine, feces and the respiratory process. This is due to the fact that the human body is not capable of storing water — despite being made up of up to 75% of it. So you need to replace it, and there is no better way than direct and daily consumption of water, which brings several benefits for a truly healthy life.

We have separated 3 incredible benefits of water:

1 – Continuous cleaning and regeneration of the organism

As the body metabolizes food and fats, toxic waste is produced that needs to be eliminated to avoid disease. The elimination of these substances depends primarily on the presence of water circulating in the body. In other words, correct water consumption has a direct correlation with disease prevention.

Likewise, water consumption regenerates and maintains the youthfulness of the skin, leaving it vibrant and beautiful. This is due to the interstitial fluid that helps support skin cells. When the body is dehydrated, this fluid is reduced and the skin becomes flaccid and opaque. In the elderly, one of the warnings of low water consumption is “papery” skin, caused by loss of elasticity.

2 – Better blood fluidity in the body

Water also transports the nutrients we ingest to the cells, and this is done by the blood. When we consume little water, the blood becomes denser, making this process difficult and undernourishing our body.

Therefore, the more water we drink, the more fluid our blood is and the easier it passes through the veins and arteries. Therefore, staying hydrated, drinking water in a better state, also helps to control blood pressure.

No less important is that the more diluted the blood, the easier the work of the kidneys will be, which is to eliminate substances that are no longer needed by the body. Correct and regular water consumption is one of the most effective ways to avoid kidney stones.

3 – More balanced intestinal functioning

They say that eating more foods with fiber is the best cure for constipation. However, consuming them without increasing your water intake causes the opposite effect, increasing constipation. This occurs because water lubricates the intestinal walls, helping to move the fecal matter through the intestines. So the correct combination is to consume fiber and water frequently and in a balanced way.

And consequently, by helping with the transit and expulsion of substances that are already unwanted by the body, water consumption also contributes to reducing swelling in the body.

How many benefits for something that seems as common as water, right? Well, stay tuned for our next articles, where we will expand even more on the importance of correct water consumption!

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