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Article: The 4 types of water that exist in Portugal

Os 4 tipos de água que existem em Portugal

The 4 types of water that exist in Portugal

Water is such an indispensable resource for all of us, but at the same time so accessible that we don't value its existence and, sometimes, we don't even think about what type of water we are consuming. Therefore, in today's article we present the four types of water that exist in Portugal and what their characteristics are.


It is found in rivers, lakes and any bodies of water, but cannot be consumed immediately. As it has considerable amounts of organic compounds from the environment in which it is found, it must go through a bacteria filtering process, whether through boiling or another treatment method, before it can be consumed.

Even so, the presence of heavy metals resulting from human action is something that filtering or common boiling cannot resolve, therefore, the consumption of fresh water is highly discouraged.

Potable water

It is the one that is distributed through our taps. It is treated and its main sources of origin are streams or springs. To be characterized as free of impurities, drinking water must be collected from a clean source and have undergone an extensive treatment process. This occurs in Portugal, with a high degree of purity being achieved by the national water and waste service.

However, this is also due to the large amount of limestone (which causes the occasional appearance of white “dust” and blockages in pipes) that is added to water to purify it of organic compounds that could harm us when consuming it. .

Bottled mineral water

It is one that has a considerable amount of minerals in its composition. It normally comes from a natural source, but when bottled it can be artificially mineralized by receiving dissolved ores and other chemical species in its preparation. It is considered safe for consumption, however the fact that it is bottled in plastic has a considerable effect on the environment and you must make sure that it does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A) in its composition, which is proven to be carcinogenic.

Filtered water

Filtered water goes through a series of processes to remove dirt and impurities. All types of water can be filtered, which makes its consumption even safer. The more filters there are, which help capture different types of particles down to a nanometric level, the safer consumption becomes.

However, there are processes that purify water to such a level that it is separated from its minerals. For truly healthy and beneficial consumption, all water filtered to the highest level must be mineralized.

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