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Article: Water contamination: find out how to avoid it

Contaminação da água: descobre como evitá-la

Water contamination: find out how to avoid it

A precious asset, synonymous with life and present, in abundance, both on the earth's surface and in the human body. You certainly know what transparent liquid we are talking about, responsible for hydrating us and bringing countless health benefits.

But today, our issue is more serious: water contamination . In the face of climate change that affects the entire planet, it is vital to preserve it to guarantee sustainability and people's quality of life.

In this article, you will learn more about the subject. What are the most common types of water contamination? And what are the associated signs and risks?

Read on and discover these and other answers. Good reading!

Most common types of water contamination

Water contamination can be classified into two types:

  1. Chemical contamination - As the name suggests, it occurs when chemicals are released into water. Waste is often discarded irregularly by industries, mining, oil companies, etc.
  2. Contamination by organic pollutants - Here, the water becomes unsafe for consumption due to the presence of infectious agents such as bacteria, parasites, protozoa and viruses.

Signs of water contamination

When it comes to water contamination, several anomalies are visible to the naked eye. The main ones include:

  • Change in taste, odor and/or color: Remember the basic rule? If it is of adequate quality, the water should have no smell, color or taste. Any change indicates that it is not drinkable.
  • Presence of sediments: If you see residues of rocks, soil or organic matter in the water, this indicates contamination. This requires more rigorous treatment, as they can indicate many other problems.

These microorganisms significantly increase people's vulnerability and can cause frequent illnesses such as infections and diarrhea.

Risks of water contamination
But make no mistake, water contamination brings serious risks. The presence of abnormalities in the liquid impacts society as a whole.

Non-potable water leads to the emergence of several serious diseases, including cancer and damage to organs such as the brain, liver and kidneys. Additionally, diseases such as leptospirosis, amoebiasis and dengue fever, which can be fatal, are also a concern.

How to avoid water contamination at home
In addition to pollution, old water systems can also contribute to contamination. Therefore, you must have filters and purifiers in your home.

These devices make all the difference to your well-being, guaranteeing treated water without taste, smell, color and free of microorganisms.

Don't forget: quality water is vital for the proper functioning of the body, contributing to hydration, strong and healthy bones, and regulation of body temperature.

In summary...

Water contamination can happen in several ways, from inadequate disposal to the presence of pathogens.

Regardless of the cause, the risks to health and well-being are immense. Being aware of signs of contamination is crucial to preventing illness. Using filters and purifiers is an effective way to guarantee quality water.

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