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Article: Water quality in hot drinks: the importance and role of Magnífica

Qualidade da água em bebidas quentes: a importância e o papel da Magnífica

Water quality in hot drinks: the importance and role of Magnífica

The quality of the water in hot drinks makes all the difference in guaranteeing the aroma, color and flavor of the teas. In a world full of options that promote well-being and quality of life, being informed on the topic becomes essential.

That's why we created this article for you. Here, you can better understand this question and discover how Magnificent can be the answer.

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Water as a fundamental ingredient

Indispensable for life, water is equally vital in preparing teas, coffees and other hot drinks. Its purity directly influences the excellence of the infusions.

It is essential to guarantee the integrity of teas, as their properties must be maintained to adequately benefit our health.

Water quality and taste of drinks

Contaminants and other components often found in tap water can be harmful to your health. Even though water treatment is widespread in many parts of the world, the journey that water takes to reach our homes can expose it to undesirable microorganisms.

These elements, in addition to being harmful to the body, can modify the texture and flavor of teas, overshadowing their qualities.

Benefits of hot water

Hot water is essential for teas as we know them. Discover its main benefits:

  • Detoxifies the body;
  • Facilitates digestion;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Enhances the extraction of aromas and flavors.

Magnificent: hot water at the right time

The Magnífica was designed with different daily needs in mind. Therefore, it offers five different temperatures to suit various situations:

  • 25ºC, perfect for everyday use;
  • 40ºC, ideal for warming babies' milk or for drinking warm water on an empty stomach;
  • 60ºC, optimized for white tea;
  • 85ºC, a good choice for green tea and coffee;
  • 95ºC, recommended for infusions and black tea.

The most impressive? Hot water is available in just 3 seconds, providing efficiency and convenience in your daily life.

Discover the 5 Magnificent purification stages:

  1. Polypropylene

Removes all larger impurities, such as sand, rust and other large particles.

  1. Pre-activated carbon

Effectively absorbs chlorine, odors, colors, organic matter, particles and heavy metals.

  1. Reverse osmosis

This cycle ensures water free of heavy metals, as well as bacteria, antibiotics and pesticides up to 99.9%.

  1. Mineralizer and alkalizer

Replaces the good minerals lost by the water during purification (calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, among others), making the liquid also alkaline (pH 8.5)

  1. Sterilization with UV light

The final cycle of work ensures that bacteria or microorganisms that may have escaped have been completely eliminated.

Together, each of these steps ensures the preparation of excellent hot drinks.

Other distinguishing features of Magnífica

  • 4 quantities of water: 150 ml, 250 ml, 330 ml or infinite;
  • Color alert: the solution warns you when the filter's useful life is about to come to an end, with the item's image in red;
  • Safety system: the lock protects the action of children, who are unable to remove water above 40ºC.

It has Magnífica and enhances the flavor of hot drinks

Discover other details about this solution and guarantee hot, quality water in your home!

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